Óga Yoga in the classroom

Now, more than ever, it is important to teach children relaxation exercises so that they can manage the worries, anxieties and challenges of our time in a way that enables them to approach life wisely.

8 Week Online Yoga and Mindfulness Course for the Classroom

The aim of this course is to teach wellbeing skills and tools to Gaelscoil children in a fun and active way, skills that they will be able to draw upon to calm themselves down when needed.

The 8 week course is aimed at Gaelscoil children from 2nd class to 6th class and has been designed to make it suitable for the classroom where space is limited.

There will be 3 lessons per week. Each week will include a breath practice, a mindfulness practice and a chair yoga practice.

The practices will be accompanied with notes for the teacher and activities so that students get the opportunity to discuss and explore their experiences of the practices.

The activities will help them to acquire the vocabulary associated with the exercises and fitness courses.

The exercises are set out in an order to get the most out of each lesson. Each lesson will build on the previous lesson. In this way, students’ understanding and experience will gradually develop as they become accustomed to mindfulness and yoga exercises in the classroom.

What’s included?

  • 8 Week course to guide your progress through mindfulness & Yoga
  • Video content specially designed for the classroom environment where space is limited
  • 3 sessions per week, covering breath, mindfulness & yoga
  • Yoga & Mindfulness with an emphasis on the Irish Language
  • Printouts for increased engagement & activities
  • Introduction & guidelines for teachers



sessions each week


per classroom

8 Week Classroom Course

Óga Yoga’s 8 week classroom course is thought through the Irish language.


per classroom​

8 Weeks of lessons
Yoga in the classroom
3 lesson per week

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access classes?

All of the classes in the course are pre recorded videos & can be accessed in the classroom through www.ogayoga.ie

Are there discounts for multiple classes

The 8 week classroom course is sold per class group. If you would like to sign up multiple class groups please contact us to enquire.

Who is this course for?

The Óga Yoga 8 week classroom course is designed for for the classroom environment with classgroups between 2nd to 6th class.

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